Friday, October 8, 2010

CNN Bullying Resources

Bullying has taken over many news reports over the last few weeks, and conversations about bullying are happening all across the country. Almost every single news feed I subscribe to via RSS had at least one article relating to bullying in the last two weeks. Many news sources have devoted entire sections to the issue, or are choosing to run a special series of articles, videos, and other resources devoted to the topic in order to cover the recent tragedies involving bullying that have occurred in the United States.

Leading the charge in my RSS feeds have been CNN and the blog of Anderson Cooper 360, the website companion of the nightly news show Anderson Cooper 360, or AC360.

Each website contains video, articles, opinion pieces, and resources relating to general bullying as well as to specific bullying cases. I was originally going to embed each video in this post, but there are simply too many! Please check out these resources! Each part of the website will in turn link you to other parts. This would be a great idea for a webquest in class or a homework assignment where students have to dig through all the current information on bullying.

In the past, I have used clips from AC360 in my health classes. Last year I used a segment about the suicide of Carl Walker-Hoover. I believe I used one on smoking advertisements as well, but that may have been from another news source.

Check out CNN's special section Stop Bullying: Speak Up! as well as posts on the AC 360 Blog relating to bullying.

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  1. Hearing that we need to "get rid of the bullies" concerns me. I am hoping we can help the bullies get in touch with their "inner bully". The bully within came from somewhere. I would be interested in sitting with the bully to understand their story. This will help stop the destructive expression of internally held anger, and, misdirected feelings. I am ready and willing to help. My own daughter was bullied in junior high school, and, actually locked in a hall locker. She is much older now...and, I found this out years later,.. which explained her fear of elevators, and, in using the dressing rooms when shopping. Hopefully, we, as human beings will care enough to look at the seriousness of this damaging relating.


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