Monday, October 1, 2012

Bullying Prevention Resource: Eyes on Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! This has inspired me to create a series of posts relating to anti-bullying resources throughout the month.

I have a short post today to kick off October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month. Today in sixth grade health class we were working on part of a lesson designed to teach students interpersonal communication skills that can help to safely end a bullying situation. The basis of my lesson was developed by Mary Connolly (the guru of skills-based health education) and I was adapting it to suit my own needs. Before work, I was looking for visuals to break down what I was going over in another way, mainly for my visual-learners, but also for a quick reference for all of my students.

I then found Eyes On Bullying. The website is a comprehensive resource for parents and educators about all things bullying. It's developed by some of the same individuals who created "Aggressors, Victims, and Bystanders," which has been used by my middle school in the past. While I personally think that curriculum is outdated (at least the version we have), the material on Eyes on Bullying is up-to-date. Content is visually pleasing, to the point, and accurate.

For my uses, I found some nice visuals that were easy to put up on the board to reinforce my lesson. I found the material on the website to be a nice addition to my lesson. Materials are available for download individually or as 42 page PDF document. It's definitely a resource that is worth checking out, and one that I will be passing along to our Anti-Bullying Committee. You may find that it fills a gap in your classroom lessons, provides information to parents who have children dealing with bullying, or is simply used as a refresher about all things relating to bullying.

For more information on National Bullying Prevention Month, please check out the National Bullying Prevention Month website. NOTE: I am not affiliated in any way with "Eyes on Bullying," their developer EDC, or PACER/National Bullying Prevention Month.

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